Welcome To Italian Graffiti

Food That Tells A Story From Start To Finish

Our menu includes both family recipes passed down from my grandparents as well as some contemporary approaches to Italian dishes. We work hard to source the best ingredients possible by working with small family farms and producers, bringing you closer to a more traditional and artisanal method of cooking. Our pasta, bread and pastry programs highlight local wheats, milling different wheat berries in-house to create unique flavor profiles, many of which are sourced right here in Utah.

We hope our menu inspires you to take a journey through each section. If it is your first time dining at Italian Graffiti, we recommend beginning your meal with a few things from our Antipasti and Insalata, followed by a course of housemade pasta. Round out the evening with a Secondi selection and don’t forget to enjoy our seasonal cakes and desserts! Please always let our staff know of any allergies or dietary restrictions so we can help guide your experience.

Buon Appetito,

Chef Marc Marrone

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